As I waited patiently to access eastbound I-44 from S. Yale Ave. earlier this week in mid-afternoon, pre-Christmas Tulsa traffic, I caught sight of the Tulsa Transit bus idling nearby. The back of the bus proudly proclaimed, “Follow us on twitter!” and I couldn’t help but drop my head. “Really?” I thought. “Who would follow Tulsa Transit on twitter?”

I suppose it could be useful given the rumors I’ve heard about less-than-reliable bus routes and the like, but, given the disdain with which many Tulsans view public transportation, I find a noteworthy following highly unlikely.

“Perhaps, it’s for advertising and promotion,” I thought. Now that seemed more likely, but still mostly pointless.

Public transportation sounds great in theory and works remarkably well in many parts of the world, but Tulsa is far from adopting it (and other carbon footprint reducing measures) as mainstream.

Unfortunately, everybody and their mother has jumped on the social media bandwagon, which is great…for socializing. Does the average consumer really need the kind of information businesses post? It’s virtual junk mail, and people are voluntarily (and enthusiastically) signing up for it! Why?